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Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

life isn't shit!


                   life isn't shit!

Why do you think life is shit? hmm? Why? Do you even know why? 
NO! you don't! You think, " omg, life sucks. Its so fucking!"  yes, yes, yes. who doesn't know this already- I think often so bad about my life, but hey girls and boys! Don't give up! Life is good. Yes, i know now you think, omg she's crazy or oh god, shut up and fuck you! But i know this. This year sucks so much. But i know, 2012 all will be fine. New yeahr, new luck. And come on, don't say every day, hmmm i hate my life. What's in you're life wrong? Love isn't fine? Familie makes you angry? hmm okey, i know that. But everything has a end, and 2011 too! Don't say, hmm fucking 2012 it will be a shit too, no you can change everything. You can change you life! Come on, don't give up and waits for the "Welt untergang 2012" hahaha, no! 
 Change you life, life you life and please be happy!


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